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API Training and Coaching (updated)

The need for more API Training and coaching is apparent from the poor response to API Q2 – UPDATED

There is an urgent need for API training. Industry analysts have identified a poor response to the release of the API Q2. As part of the lead up to the release of the API Q2, major purchasers of Oil & Gas Services specified that their Suppliers need to be certified to Q2 by 2016. However, this deadline coincided with a significant reduction in the oil price. As a result, the API Q2 certification was a slower uptake than initially anticipated.

Service-related organisations had difficulty complying with the 8th Edition of API Q1. In theory, that publication included Services for the Oil & Gas Industry. However, Q1 was oriented towards manufacturing. In response, the API Q2 standard was developed for Service and Product Service organisations. Unfortunately, companies found that interpretating API Q2 standard was not as easy as expected.  Additionally, the API application process is very different from applying for ISO 9001 and other ISO Management Standards.

The reason for the difficulties experienced by companies became apparent. Companies are having to learn a new application process from that of the ISO standards. At the same time they are having to try and meet the deadline. So, the pressure is on.

API Training need identified

CHARTER4 have additionally identified that the shortfall probably lies around the area of API training and coaching. The need to comply to API Q1 or Q2 is pressing, but companies are expecting to apply as they do for the ISO standards. This approach is not going to work. Hence the significant need for training, especially in this critical area of the Oil and Gas Industry. A comprehensive training and coaching development within the affected companies would undoubtedly turn the situation around.

Learn as if you were not reaching your goal and as though you were scared of missing it.    ~ Confucius

Update – The cycle is now repeating

  • API Q2 2nd Edition was published in July 2021.
  • API Q1 10th Edition upgrade, there has been a re-ballot on the proposed changes in 2021.

Keep your eye on this blogspace for updates in the near future.

What help is available?

In very real terms some companies are lagging behind in terms of meeting their obligations under the API Q1 and API Q2. That will eventually result in a certification gap. This will obviously not be good for the individual companies or the industry at large. So, for those companies attempting to get certified there are some solid steps they should take. Here, for example, are a few points you should address…

  • Get some external advice. There are a number of points in the API Q1 and API Q2. that are not easy to tackle without learning about the change of direction involved.
  • It is not helpful, and can be an expensive mistake, to carry on attempting to comply with the API Standard using methods that apply to ISO Standards. A change of mind-set to tackle the new circumstances can save your company a lot of time and money. It will also speed up your certification journey. That is pretty important as time is short.
  • Working toward the certification requires involvement from all levels of the organisation. Of course,  that means a program of API Training and coaching to provide the required knowledge. In addition, this will simultaneously support the whole business to make adjustments to the new emphasis.

Simple steps will undeniably improve the situation. Help and advice, policy changes, action on API training/coaching are all important to moving forward. For many organisations a change in direction is needed. That help is available.


We have many years’ experience in assisting companies to deliver better products and services and to comply with management standards. CHARTER4 can assist you achieve to Certification. Assistance on policy help and advice. We are able to deliver proven courses using onsite or remote training, coaching and support. Of course, we are happy to deliver training concerning API work at all levels of the organisation, often on a one-to-one basis where necessary, or to work groups and departments.

CHARTER4 has a special focus in our approach to this sort of work. We are careful to find ways to ensure your business benefits from the process and the changes you make. Our aim is to get away from the traditional “tick box” approach. Instead, we work to Improve your business, rather than just comply. This approach has paid dividends for our clients. Instead of just filling in the forms, we help you to make your new certification aid your business. Significantly, this will help your operation, save your resources and also engage your people.

If you want to know more, please contact us. You can tick one of the buttons below and we will  follow up with you. Our business is your success. So, contact us now. We look forward to helping your meet your obligations and improve your business.

Certification with Charter 4 – the Business Benefits
  • Improve, rather than just comply.
  • Full service and ongoing support to compliment your resources.
  • Build on your Processes & Systems (no standard templates).
  • Help defining your Best Practice.
  • Certification by independent UKAS accredited Assessors.
  • 100% Success & guaranteed support until Certification.
  • Help to get Government Grant (when available).
  • Flexible support to complement your resources.
CHARTER4 – Partners you with the experience and insight to help you grow using management Standards. We will help you improve your business, rather than just comply with the Standards.
Charter4 - We partner with you to help you grow using management Standards. [Article Name: The Biggest Mistakes with ISO 9001]