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ISO support


Providing Certification Support – to keep your ISO project improving

Charter 4 offers a range of support options for achieving Certification. We offer flexible onsite and remote support for documenting, implementation, checking and preparation for successful Certification. Following those set-up options, we then offer ongoing support and improvements.

No two Companies are the same. Therefore, the Solutions we offer are a reflection of each Clients’ varying situations and objectives. We build on your existing Processes and Systems, rather than installing a preferred or templated documentation.

We tune our Quotation to your specific situation and requirements. This is a part of our basic philosophy. We want your business to, “Improve, not just comply” with the standard”. Consequently, our support offers you practical and effective ways to gain a business advantage from the support we provide.


We provide the appropriate support to complement your existing resources. So, this helps you to achieve certification to relevant ISO Management Standard. However, it also it also provides assistance in achieving your Business Objectives.

For an overview of the Steps required to achieve Certification – Link to Steps

Options for achieving certification

We provide three alternative support solutions to take you through to certification. We design these options to provide different approaches to your ISO project. They each have a specific emphasis to enable a flexible approach to the way the project proceeds.

The options for achieving Certification are set out in more detail on these links…


Once Certification is achieved, you organisation must have at least yearly Surveillance audits to maintain your status. In fact, your management system must undergo continuous maintainance and improvment. We have been supporting some of our Clients for over 15 years as they have developed, grown and achieved their Objectives. We can help you to ensure that your management system will go through that process. The  two types of certification support we provide are set out below…


Under this option we provide continuing onsite and remote support through a plan. The Charter 4 certification support will therefore support your specific requirements.

Charter 4 recommends internal audits & management review meetings are scheduled every 6 months. This is because many changes occur within an organisation over a year. Thus, annual audits are insufficient. In addition, there is a danger that compliance to ISO standards and systems improvements get side-lined while waiting for an ‘annual’ decision process. Then there is a rush to prepare for the Surveillance visit. This last minute rush can mean insufficient time to create effective solutions to problems. It also prevents reviews of your changes prior to the survillance audit.

The on-going maintenance and improvement of your system is crucial. Without keeping your system up to date your processes will not improve and you will lose the benefit from the investment in Certification.

For well-established ISO systems, there are other dangers. Systems can become stale or separate from daily activities. Alternatively, they may lose focus when key personnel are no longer available. Both of these cause the improvements to the system to cease. The may also staff become disillusioned with irritating issues that are not overcome. This leads to reduces fault reporting and general failing of your management system.

Careful balance

Maintaining your ISO system is a careful balance of operational performance, fault finding and reporting as well as regular decision responses to those needs as they arise.  Charter 4 can help with the relevant maintenance, improvement and support, which is appropriate to your situation and your objectives.

This approach aims to help you achieve your Business Objectives through your ISO System. At the same time it ensures you maintain your Certification. This double-barrelled approach assists you through certification support with the following aspects of your ISO System…

  • Assist with legal & compliance requirements
  • Risk management review and assist business resilience
  • Objectives setting and monitoring
  • Improvement actions
  • Internal Auditing
  • Management review assistance
  • Training & awareness updates
  • Document representative assistance
  • Assessment Surveillance and Recertification – support during audits


The certification to an ISO quality, environmental or other management standard is a rigerous discipline. Once embedded within the organisation, compliance to the standard should be assured. However, there is a requirement in the management standards to improve your your system and therefor your operations. In fact, there is considerable latitude implementing this ‘improvement’ process. Many organisations find that an overview and input from support resources can provide considerable insight on moving improvements forward.

In developing from compliance to improvement, some powerful tools are available for certification support. These tools assist your Organisation achieve its aims. Additionally, they make improvments for the benefit of the business.

Proven methods for Certification Support

Charter 4 have developed proven techniques and methodologies to make better use of these tools. We use these tools with your existing management to add focus to your Improvement activities.

The improvements that can build on your investment and achieve your business objectives include…

  • Refresh, simplify and improve your management system
  • Identification of your Best Practice
  • Updating or upgrading documentation to process diagrams
  • Assist with legal & compliance requirements
  • Risk management review and assist business resilience
  • Review Performance Measures/ Key Performance Indicators to improve effectiveness
  • Improvement projects
  • Extra training & awareness
  • Auditing from improvements
  • Conversion to business model for improved effectiveness
  • Additional resources to complement your resources

Charter 4 provides certification support across the board

Organisations need certification support at all levels. From board level decision processes to operational details, your management system will work to your advantage. However, maintaining  and using your ISO System is the only way to ensure you retain your certification status.

Charter 4 certification support packages have been called upon in two ways…

First, freshly certified organisations need experienced help to get the management systems working in the real world. Like any new scheme, it takes an organisation time, practice and continued vigilance to ensure changes are properly implented and continued. We have considerable experience in post certification support. In addition, it ensures a smooth transition through changes arising from system improvements. These incremental changes and improvements are also a benefit. Overall, they build on your investment in your system and make your system more robust.

Secondly, we have frequently been called in to provide certification support for organisations that have established systems. This can arise for a number of reasons. However, common reasons include changes of important personnel, new management or change of organisational direction. Charter 4 have provided a range of support options to ensure ISO Systems are properly maintained in times of business or organisation change.  Whatever your challenges, we have experience to tackle your situation and help your business to meet and maintain its certification status.

More than 20 years certification support experience

Charter 4 has been supporting some of its clients for more than 20 years. It is an important aspect of our business. It is also likely to be important for your continued certification in a rapidly changing business world. If you would like to know more about our certification support work? Or, perhaps you have a problem you would like to discuss to find out how we can help your organisation. In either case, simply press one of the buttons below and we can begin a supportive conversation.

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Certification Support Meeting
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