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Certification Insights


The benefits of implementing an ISO project will feed into all aspects of the business. Getting started with your ISO project and the outcomes are examined in ISO STANDARDS CERTIFICATION – GETTING STARTED. However, it is not always apparent to the management of a business what the resource cost is for achieving certification.

At Charter 4 we recognise that there are many calls on management time. In fact,  the management needs to concentrate on the day-to-day tasks that run the organisation. Managers must win and fulfill Customer orders when promised, as well as ensure the support functions and so keep the overall operation running to plan. Most businesses don’t have much spare capacity to place managers outside of those day-to-day tasks. So, when the business wants to invest in a major development project some external expertise will help. Additional help from outside the organisation provides skills, support and experience to the management for the project duration. They provide proven ways to put new systems in place, help with system development, training and giving them the time to invest in the ISO System.

Of course the specifics of that support relate to the precise circumstances of the business.

Certification insights into Supporting the business through ISO implementation

So, what does the use of external resources look like? At Charter4 we have experience of working in a wide range of ways that can help our client. A lot depends on the situation, and of course what the client feels that they can achieve themselves.

In the following video our clients provide feedback on the type of support Charter4 have given their organisations. The discussion covers a variety of ISO systems and types of support. In each case we are given certification insights that show how Charter4 supported the project through to successful certification.

Supporting your ISO project

Our experience has enabled our clients to efficiently achieve certification while supported by Charter4. In addition, our emphasis on, “Improve your business, rather than just comply” has helped organisations retain a strong focus on business success  with our support throughout the ISO project.

If you would like to know more about how Charter4 can assist your project we can help. Please push one of the buttons below and we will be pleased to discuss how you think we can help support your organisation.

External support assists project management
Efficient on time implementation
Certification achieved