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AS 9100 and AS 9120 AEROSPACE

The AS 9100 and AS 9120 AEROSPACE and defence MANAGEMENT STANDARDS

AS 9100 and AS 9120 Standards meet the needs for Quality Management in the Aerospace and Defence industries. In this critical field mistakes can cost lives. As a result, Safety and Quality are paramount.

What is AS 9100 and AS 9120?

The AS 9100 Standard is for Aerospace and Defence Manufacturers. It focuses on safe manufacture of parts. Therefore, in that Standard, significant effort is focussed on reducing the risk of failure.

Within another part of the industry the AS 9120 Standard is for Stockists and Distributors. AS 9120 places emphasis on parts identification, traceability and documentation. Bogus or counterfeit parts are a leading cause of failure. Consequently, this Standard focuses on controls to prevent such risks in the supply chain.

Together, AS 9100 and AS 9120 form the industry Quality Management Standards based on ISO 9001. Over the last 100 years there have been many different initiatives on aerospace Quality Management. Regrettably, previous Standards have generally suffered from:

  • Poor information sharing, which restricted investigation.
  • Limited supply chain controls enabling bogus or counterfeit parts to enter the supply chain.
  • Internally driven by a few key personnel with limited access to Best Practice.
  • Few agreed and documented methods covering activities affecting Customer service.
  • Emphasis on operational improvements, ignoring aircraft safety and supply chain issues.
  • Lack of external Assessment to provide an independent and objective viewpoint.

Addressing the limits of ISO 9001 in Aerospace industries

Organisations must show commitment to achieve AS 9100 or AS 9120 Certification. As a result, you must pursue this commitment with a focused and systematic approach to business. Fact based decision making must form the basis of your business. Remember, an External Assessor awards your certification. So, you must satisfy your internal assessment and the External Assessor that you meet the requirements of the Standard. To gain successful Certification, your organisation must demonstrate the following…

  1. A focus on enhancing Customer satisfaction, Customer and regulatory requirements as well as risk assessment.
  2. That your organisation meets the Requirements of the Management Standard including:
    Leadership and Management commitment to quality.
    ◦ Risk Management.
    Change Management.
    ◦ Resources and Competency.
    ◦ Configuration Management.
    ◦ Product safety during life cycle.
    ◦ Operational Planning.
    ◦ Counterfeit Part prevention.
    ◦ Purchasing.
    ◦ Post delivery activities.
    Nonconforming output controls.
    ◦ Performance evaluation.
    ◦ Improvements.
  3. External independent IAQG approved Assessment and on-going Surveillance visits.
  4. A Process approach to your business and effective working systems.
  5. Compliance involves identification of Regulatory and Customer requirements.
  6. Mutually beneficial Supplier relationships which allow increased control of work processes outside the organisation.
  7. Your organisation must identify, investigate and correct problems using documented systems.
  8. Your business monitoring and recording will need reviewing with the aim of continuously improving them.

Showing strengths

AS 9100 and AS 9120 Quality Systems must show some specific strengths. In particular, you must ensure the work ‘processes’ and the ‘records’ required by your Quality System significantly exceed the standard set by those found in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Consequently, your focus will contribute to the general ethos of safety and risk reduction in the Standards and the Aerospace Industry overall.

External Assessment of your Quality System will check that your organisation meets all the above. Remember, it is that compliance which will result in your organisation being awarded Certification. So, what are the benefits?

Benefits of AS 9100 And AS 9120

The AS 9100 and AS 9120 Standards confer great benefits which include…

  1. Competitive advantage:

    AS 9100 or AS 9120 gives customers confidence in the following areas:

    ◦ That your business is using a documented system to fulfil legal and Customer obligations.
    ◦ Showing a strong commitment to improve.
    ◦ Listing on the worldwide OASIS database (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) of Certified Companies will make your business more marketable and give access to new markets.
  2. External Assessment:
    ◦ Assures Customers they can depend on safe products and a consistent Quality of Service.
    ◦ AS 9100 or AS 9120 certification often forms a precondition of Customer orders. Consequently, External Assessment gives external validation for assuring your customer.
  3. Reputation protection:
    ◦ Certification shows your business has improved Risk Management, a critical aspect of your products and services in aerospace industries.
    ◦ Where problems arise, traceability protects your business through proper management of records. Proper records will also help you meet the demands of the market and provide evidence of your Quality Management.
  4. Operational issues:

    AS 9100 and AS 9120 provide a systematic and integrated approach to business processes. The strength lies in the clear structure of operating processes. So, emphasis is on continual improvement of working systems. As a result, you will have control over reducing errors, duplication, complaints and problems.

The evidence is that implementation costs are an investment. In fact, you gain cost advantages and other improvements in many ways. Better methods, improved productivity, reduction of waste and better management control all deliver business improvements through certification. Further, achieving successful Assessment and Certification will also help in retaining existing Customers and in gaining new Customers.

Why You need it?

Without AS 9100 or AS 9120 certification you will be unable to supply certain services, products or Clients. All requirements of the International Standards are generic to the different types of businesses. They apply to all organisations, regardless of type, size and information. Certification covers your Quality and compliance responsibilities too. Additionally, the external assessment by independent IAQG approved Aerospace Assessors, demonstrates independent checking and a proactive approach to business improvement.

When to start?

Start now and benefit sooner. Open up new opportunities in Aerospace and Defence. Call or email us.

The AS 9100 and AS 9120 AEROSPACE and defence MANAGEMENT STANDARDS - Aeroplane in hangar image.
Certification with Charter 4 – the Business Benefits
  • Improve, rather than just comply.
  • Full service and ongoing support to compliment your resources.
  • Build on your Processes & Systems (no standard templates).
  • Help defining your Best Practice.
  • Certification by independent UKAS accredited Assessors.
  • 100% Success & guaranteed support until Certification.
  • Help to get Government Grant (when available).
  • Flexible support to complement your resources.
The Standard places emphasis on safe manufacture of parts and reduction of risk. There can be no better assurance to customers in the aerospace industry.