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about Charter4 – Testimonials

Charter4 testimonials show that we have a close relationship with our clients. We support each client in ways designed to help them achieve their specific ISO goals. Afterall, each business is unique . So, it makes sense to design a solution that suits their specific situation. Each piece of work we do with our clients enables them to develop their ISO System or certification to better place them in the market as a competitive business.

We also believe that each organisation can improve their business as a result of the ISO project. So, we carefully plan the project implementation to support it with specific business factors relevant to that organisation. This emphasis on business improvement ensures you get a real business return for your investment in ISO Standards. We therefore focus our attention on ensuring your ISO Certification will, “Improve your business, rather than just comply with the Standard”.

We have worked with some clients for more than fifteen years. After the initial project implementation had finished we continued to assist with the on-going improvements. That has, in many cases, included continued developments to the ISO systems. Our clients have found this most useful. Our continued assistance, where appropriate, has led to continuity of their systems and added consistently to the way they have improved the ISO system and their business outcomes.

Below is a video to outline some of the successful outcomes achieved with our clients. The work we have done is discussed by the people we have worked with directly in the customers organisation. The video also explains some of the pertinent ways their ISO systems have helped the company compete in a complex and challenging business environment.

We want to see your business improve and develop because of your investment, not in spite of it. If you would like to know more about our approach to your success, please click one of the buttons below to contact us.

QUALITY: certification successfully achieved
SALES: tendering opportunities expanded
CONSISTENCY: long term business success