Achieve ISO

Achieve ISO 9001 – Project Management

Traditionally, clients want consultancy to help to achieve ISO Management Certification. This is true for ISO Standards or other Management certifications. However, we have recently seen an increase in the number of clients who want to achieve ISO or Management Certifications, but have limited resources. Here is how we can help…

ISO 14001 Standard Explained

In a modern social and business context, managing the environmental impact of an organisation makes sense. Environmental issues can have a big cost for most organisations, more so the bigger the business. As a result, the modern business needs to manage its impact, public perception that goes with it and normal business processes. Particularly, those that impact the environment. The ISO 14001 Standard puts all this in context and suggests a way forward.

ISO 9001 Management Standard – What is it?

ISO 9001 Standard aims to ensure you meet high management standards that are accepted globally. A management standard sets out the requirements for successfully and effectively managing a business. It does so through a document that provides requirements to meet to ensure management effectiveness. Established over many years, the ISO 9001 – “Quality management systems – Requirements” sets out what you need to achieve. CHARTER4 explores what you need to know…