Top ten Reasons for ISO 45001 Health & Safety Standard Certification

ISO 45001 Health and Safety Certification will ensure you are on top of your regulatory requirements in this vital business area. Additionally, the use of this important management standard will improve and possibly simplify your entire approach to a significan risk control part of your busines. We look at ten aspects of this Management Standard to help you improve your business.

EN 1090 Steel Structures

EN 1090-2 Steel Structures Standard applies to sale of steel and aluminium components and parts sold for use in construction work. Compliance is required and assessed before the application of the CE Mark / UKCA Logo and legal compliance. Ultimately, your organisation must meet the requirements of the Standard or cease trading in these construction products.

The Environmental Management Standard (ISO 14001)

The Environmental Management Standard (ISO 14001) was updated in 2015. The changes included a move to ensure that the Standard aligns better with other Standards. The new approach is more about Leadership and the context of the organisation. So, it goes beyond the inward looking aspects of the business and its goals. The Environmental Management Standard is about considering the wider scope of the environmental impact of  your business.

API Q1 Training & Coaching

With the recent changes of API Q1 and Q2, a number of Organisations have found, that the changes have a very significant impact. However, what has emerged from experience is that to implement the changes is not an obvious path. Charter 4 can assist you with the transition. We look at what is available in this article.

ISO 9001 Management Standard – What is it?

ISO 9001 Standard aims to ensure you meet high management standards that are accepted globally. A management standard sets out the requirements for successfully and effectively managing a business. It does so through a document that provides requirements to meet to ensure management effectiveness. Established over many years, the ISO 9001 – “Quality management systems – Requirements” sets out what you need to achieve. CHARTER4 explores what you need to know…