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ISO Workshop Approach

Workshop approach is the Business group Solution – ideal if there is a number of businesses, wanting to achieve the same Management Standard. Provides an efficient and cost effective solution that combines the group-learning benefits with personalised  help at your offices.


The use of Workshop has lapsed in the last 15-20 years. The reasons include

  • Difficult to get at least 3 Businesses to start their ISO project at the same time.
  • Significant work required between each session. For instance the preparation of Process Diagrams & Documentation. This was problematic because
    • New disciplines with the attendant uncertainty and inefficiency of initial attempts. The discipline of documenting your Processes is a one-off requirement.
    • The pressure of the daily priorities, make the required work between Workshops difficult. This results in some Clients not being as ready for the next Workshop. As the Workshops sessions progress, this can lead to a divergence between to fastest and the slowest in the group and a problem with the best speed  of progress of the Workshop.
    • Traditionally with Workshops too often dominated by a minority in the Group

We have updated the Workshop concept to build on the effectiveness of the group Learning with onsite assistance between the Workshop sessions. This ensures;

  • Time is allocated for the work between the Workshops
  • We can assist with one-off work like documenting your Processes. We have the experience in the required levels of documentation required by the Assessors and to assist your Business.
  • Assistance can be tuned to your specific requirements


For a specific discussion of your requirements, – please email, Contact Us or phone so we can discuss the best approach.