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API Q1 9th Edition Conformity Matrix

API Q1 9th Edition Conformity Matrix in applications

API Q1 Conformity Matrix was originally to assist with the significant transition to API Q1 9th Edition. The Conformity Matrix itself is a simple Excel spreadsheet. However, its contents are certainly not simple. The idea behind the matrix is to provide a comprehensive reference to the API Q1 Quality System Requirements. Actually, it goes further than that.


Applications for licensing under the API Monogram Program must develop your quality management system to the API Q1 Standard. More to the point, you must also demonstrate how your product conforms to the requirements of the API Q1 Specification.

The API Q1 or Q2 Conformity Matrix provides a good ‘position map’ or tracker within your project. Additionally it is required for the API Application to demonstrate conformance to all the requirements and signposting where the requirements are met. As such, the Conformity Matrix is a snapshot of conformity with the Requirements of API Q1 or Q2 Standards.

The real purpose behind the API Q1 Conformity Matrix

Essentially, the Conformity Matrix is an empty grid for organisations to fill in. However, it is deeper than that. Each Requirement under the Q1 or Q2 is set out in order of appearance in the API Standards. Next to each requirement there are three empty boxes. Effectively, all a company has to do is to fill in these boxes with the detail for the applicable Tier 1 (Quality Manual) Document Number/ID, Revision Level, Document Description. Then, to repeat the exercise for Tier 2, and Tier 3 documentation. Hopefully, by the time your implementation is complete, so is the Conformity Matrix. Thus, the matrix helps you draw the project together. Simultaneously, it involves everyone, helping them to see the progress along the way.

This simple document makes life easy for referencing the documentation for all requirements of the Quality System Standard. In fact, the idea is good. Effectively, it provides a built-in cross-reference document for all requirements.

The real work, in implementation terms, lies in creating the documents that meet each requirement. Therefore, setting out the reference for each Requirement in the Conformity Matrix is really just a secondary part of the final documentation process. However, from the point of view of management, it does help the project implementation. The project leaders are able to see how far the project has progressed by following the inserted details for completed documentation. Consequently, it can be very useful as a tracking document to help everyone involved see the completed work and what is still left to complete.

API Q1 Conformity Matrix
API Q1 Conformity Matrix. A logical step to assist project implementation and tracking.

The API Q1 9th Edition update

The 9th Edition to the API Q1 offered a significant upgrade. The changes include…

  • Renumbering of all clauses
  • 85+ new clauses
  • 5 new sections
  • New concepts including..
    • Risk Management,
    • Management of Change,
    • Contingency Planning,
    • Preventative Maintenance,
    • Production Realisation Capability

Additionally, Q1 had traditionally covered both Service & Manufacturing. With the 9th Edition, Q1 now concentrates on Manufacturing. API Q2 is for Service and Product Service Organisations.

The 9th Edition changes has created more clarity. Indeed, the industry naturally divides into manufacturing and service segments in the requirements of the API Standard. Practically speaking, that means documentation should be easier. This is because, the various work instructions no longer need to identify which segment of the industry they fall within. Instead, the division naturally defines the difference in the new split between Q1 (Manufacturing) and Q2 (Services)t. By the same token, writing up the strategic policies and objectives should be easier too.

Sensible move

Now, the API Q1 or Q2 Conformity Matrix are part of the application process. API will review the application forms, the Quality Manual and the Conformity Matrix for conformance with the Requirements. Should application forms be incomplete, and/or should the Documentation be out of conformance with requirements, API will provide comments. In fact, that process will be the substance of the review of the application forms that starts the API involvement in the application process.

Actually, it makes complete sense. Not only will project managers be able to see the progress, but also, the assessment process identifies a direct match for each document to each requirement. Thus, this is an efficient way to set out the project and to address the logistics of the application itself.

How CHARTER4 can help

We have many years of experience with applications and certification success for both API and ISO standards. Our successful clients have gained not only certification, but also improved business outcomes. Interestingly, this is because, CHARTER4 has a special approach to the implementation of standards. We Improve your business, rather than just comply with the standard. So, we ensure your organisation improves and your business is enhanced by the certification.

A project like the API Q1 or Q2 standards involve all aspects of the organisation. Important changes must be considered, and time and energy given to achieve effective outcomes. CHARTER4 are aware of this investment you are making. As a result, we help you to put in place an effective management system that will pay that investment back. Consequently, we ensure your hard work will streamline your business, improve your processes and move your company to a more customer orientated future. All that bodes well for your business. Our customers inevitably find the process pays them back.

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