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API Management Standard Certification – Q1 or Q2?

Should it be Q1 or Q2? we assess whhich to choose when planning API Management Standard Certification?

API Management Standard Certification can mean either API Q1 or Q2 for assessment purposes. Both are important. However, making the right choice for your business is essential. Nevertheless, some companies are unsure of which of these two standards are appropriate for them. We look more closely at the situation to help you make the right choice.

API Management Standard Certification – the legacy viewpoint

In the past it was simple. API Management Standard Certification to Q1 covered both Manufacturing and Service Organisations. However the Q1 (8th Edition) requirements were strongly oriented to Manufacturing. This was especially the case when assessment was linked to a technical API Specification. Therefore, few Service organisations applied and achieved Q1 certification.

New choice

Now there is a choice between…
Q2 2nd Edition – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organisations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries;


Q1 9th Edition (shortly to be 10th Edition) – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organisations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

Consequently, the choice is now clear. Either, you are a service supply organisation (Q2), or you are a Manufacturing organisation (Q1). So, with this clarification it should be an easy choice for your organisation to decide which of the two to implement.

Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are.

~ Barry Schwartz

API Management Standard Certification - The choice should now be clear for companies.
API Management Standard Certification - The choice should now be clear for companies. Q1 applies to manufacturing organisations. Q2 applies to service organisations.

What are the differences?

• Q1: Is aimed at Manufacturing Organisations. That is particularly appropriate if complying with an API Technical Specification. If complying to Q1 and an API Specification, then the organisation can apply the API Monogram to the relevant products after certification.
• Q2: Is aimed at Service Supply Organisations who provide services and possibly equipment where the Service responsibility remains with the Supplier. For example, Q2 would apply to a supplier renting out drilling equipment. However, it can also be used for Service Organisations who provide service-based activities for the customer.

The middle path
The differences between the Q1 and Q2 standards are clearer now. However, it is always possible that organisations cross the line between pure manufacturing and pure service activities. Therefore, it is important to look at your organisations’ needs and to assess how you fit the requirements of the standard. It is also important to have a clear picture of the type of business you do. In fact, it may be helpful to get external advice to help you define your goals and to determine the most appropriate path to follow.

CHARTER4 AND API Management Standard Certification

Our experience in helping organisations meet standards covers many years and the changes in the standards as they have upgraded. We have helped organisations meet specific standards directly. On the other hand, we have also helped businesses to reorganise to meet changes and impacts from different standards. As a result, if your organisation does not fit a specific standard, we can help you to work around the issue. Furthermore, unlike other organisations, we aim to make the changes you implement a benefit to your business. In other words, we help you to use your chosen standards to ‘Improve your business, rather than just comply’.

If you would like to know more about our unique approach, we can help. Please click one of the buttons below.

For your interest, here is an infographic produced by CHARTER4 to help you look at your API Q1 options.
Certification with Charter 4 – the Business Benefits
  • Improve, rather than just comply.
  • Full service and ongoing support to compliment your resources.
  • Build on your Processes & Systems (no standard templates).
  • Help defining your Best Practice.
  • Certification by independent UKAS accredited Assessors.
  • 100% Success & guaranteed support until Certification.
  • Help to get Government Grant (when available).
  • Flexible support to complement your resources.
CHARTER4 – Partners you with the experience and insight to help you grow using management Standards. We will help you improve your business, rather than just comply with the Standards.
Charter4 - We partner with you to help you grow using management Standards. [Article Name: The Biggest Mistakes with ISO 9001]