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ISO 14001 Environmental Standard Certification

ISO 14001 certification was developed as a similar approach to the ISO 9001 certification but to cover the management of Environmental risks and resources, with external Assessment & certification/accreditation.

Environmental Standard CertificationClick the following links for more specific information:

–       What is ISO 14001 Certification?

–       Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

–       Why you need it

–       How to gain ISO 14001 certification

–       How much does it cost?

What is ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 is the Environmental Management Standard. Its requirements are based on Best Practice assist managing your business’ Environmental risks and reduce the Environmental impact of your business activities.

As the system is documented, the relevant legal and other requirements, to your  business, are considered and documented as well as the relevant environmental risks (known as aspects & impacts). Then you specify how to reduce, control and manage them. The Standard does not specify particular environmental performance criteria.

ISO 14001 is relevant to any business that wants to ensure that it conforms to its legal and other responsibilities, and manages its environmental risks.

All the parts of ISO 14001 should be included into any environmental management system. However, every environmental system will differ because of the differences of activities, services and location.

Benefits of ISO 14001?

  1. Reduce your Environmental Impact. Reduce Waste & inefficiencies
  2. Understand your legal & other requirements – then manage them
  3. Improve and Protect your Reputation – not only the legal requirements but also better manage & reduce near-misses & incidents
  4. Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness
  5. Required by Customers or to assist with Regulatory compliance

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Why You need it ?

Any Organisation that is serious about the Environment and the Environmental impact of its products and service. All requirements of this International Standard are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organisations, regardless of type, size and product provided. It covers all the processes which affect the Environment

How to Gain ISO 14001 Certification

The quick answer is contact us but there are common steps

  1. Review your operation compared to the Standard’s requirements & then document
  2. Implement, train & refine
  3. Check internally (Audit) & Management Review; Continue the refining
  4. External Check (UKAS accredited Assessor). When successful the Certification, then ongoing yearly Surveillance visits

Three Format Options for documentation of the Environmental Manual, Procedures / Process Diagrams and Forms:

  1. Text – the traditional approach but limits the opportunity for Business Improvement
  2. Process Diagrams – assists with clearer understanding of processes and process interaction but often cumbersome to interlink electronically
  3. Integrated Per4ma Business Model – Opportunity for Business Improvement, with your latest processes, asset list, risk register & documents, forms, tasks, indicator graphs and blogs

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How Much Does it Cost?

Invest in your future by improving your Business. We have options to suit your situation including

  • Price Right -The Cost Effective Solution – if the Cost of achieving ISO is the critical factor. We personalise & document your Systems to comply with the relevant Standard & check compliance before UKAS accredited Assessment
  • Manage Right – The Time Effective Solution – We save you Time. If you do not have the internal resources for the Documenting, Project Management & Training, we assist.
  • Risk Right If you do not have the internal resources for the Documenting, Project Management, Admin & Training, we can assist as Deputy Quality Management Representative
  • Support Right – Support as & when you want it – whether Onsite assistance & Auditing / Convert documentation /Additional Standards (i.e. ISO 13485, API Monogram & Q1, AS 9120 etc.) / Improvements / Refresh your System.
  • Personalised Solution

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