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CPR (Construction Product Regulations ) & CE Mark

The Construction Product Regulations (CPR certification) requires from 1st July 2014, that Structural Fabrications will be compliant to the Regulations and to be CE Marked. The Regulations have risk-rated for different types of structural fabrications. The lowest risk like basic farm-type buildings, are excluded. The Regulations are EU wide.

Contact us today to also benefit from CE Marking to Construction Products Regulations. The requirements are complex due the number of relevant Standards referenced and the detail required particularly for processes like welding, finishing & painting as well as non-destructive testing.

Construction Product Regulations StandardClick the following links for more specific information:

What is CPR Certification?

Benefits of CPR Certification

Why you need it

How to gain CPR Certification

How much does it cost?

What is CPR?

Construction Product Regulations (CPR) is based on ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and requires a Factory Production Control system. It is not essential to be certified to ISO 9001 but since to gain CE Mark most of the requirements are required, most Clients have gained an ISO 9001 certificate at the same time.

Additionally there are product specification-related Standards that need to be complied with depending on the risk-rating of the planned Structural Fabrication, which are called the “Execution Class”. Examples of the relevant Standards include:

  • ISO 1090 (multi-part)
  • ISO 3834 (multi-part)
  • NHSS 19A & 20

Organisations, to achieve CE Marking Certification, must be committed to a focused and systematic approach to business with fact based decision making. They should be able to demonstrate both internally and to the external Assessor:

  • Focus on Customers, with Customer requirements required to be fully understand and agreed.
  • Management commitment to quality
  • External independent UKAS accredited Assessment & on-going Surveillance visits at least yearly
  • Involvement of trained, qualified and competent employees
  • Processes approach and working systems are effective
  • Applicable laws and regulations are complied with
  • The necessary facilities and resources are provided
  • Mutually beneficial Supplier relationships
  • Problems are identified, investigated and corrected
  • Important aspect of the business are monitored, reviewed and improved

Additionally any CPR Quality system must comply with the relevant standards and additional requirements. For those organisations that are welding, a suitably trained and experienced Responsible Welding Co-ordinator (RWC) is required.

Benefits of CPR and CE Mark

  1. Competitive – Requirement for the supply of Structural Fabrications after 1st July 2014
  2. Operational

CPR provides a systematic and integrated approach to business processes. It provides a clear structure of operating processes, with an emphasis on continual improvement of working systems as well as reducing errors, duplication, complaints and problems.

Why You Need it

If your business supplies Structural Fabrications beyond low-risk Farm buildings, then you require CE Mark to remain in business after 1st July 2014

So that is the Bad News

The Good News is that there are great opportunities created by these increased controls for those, who have invested in CE Mark.

How to Gain CPR Certification

The quick answer is contact us, but there are common steps

  1. Review your operation compared to the Standard’s requirements & then document
  2. Implement, train & refine. This normally includes either training or sub-contracting the Responsible Welder Co-ordinator role
  3. Check internally (Audit) & Management Review; Continue the refining
  4. External Check (accredited Assessor from a Notified Body). When successful the Certification, then on-going yearly Surveillance visits

Three Format Options for your manual, documents, forms, process diagrams/ procedures and forms:

  1. Text – the traditional approach but limits the opportunity for Business Improvement
  2. Process Diagrams – assists with clearer understanding of processes and process interaction but often cumbersome to interlink electronically
  3. Integrated Per4ma Business Model – Opportunity for Business Improvement, with your latest processes, Manual, documents, forms, tasks, indicator graphs and blogs.

Contact us today for the first steps to CPR Certification

How Much Does it Cost?

Invest in your future by improving your Business. We have options to suit your situation including

  • Price Right -The Cost Effective Solution – if the Cost of achieving ISO is the critical factor. We personalise & document your Systems to comply with the relevant Standard & check compliance before UKAS accredited Assessment
  • Manage Right – The Time Effective Solution – We save you Time. If you do not have the internal resources for the Documenting, Project Management & Training, we assist.
  • Risk Right If you do not have the internal resources for the Documenting, Project Management, Admin & Training, we can assist as Deputy Quality Management Representative
  • Support Right – Support as & when you want it – whether Onsite assistance & Auditing / Convert documentation /Additional Standards (i.e. ISO 13485, API Monogram & Q1, AS 9120 etc.) / Improvements / Refresh your System.
  • Personalised Solution

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